One of the great thinkers of our generation leads us into another dimension with the Rogue Film School. http://www.wernerherzog.com/index.php?id=38.

http://www.wernerherzog.com/index.php?id=64, Cave of Forgotten Dreams is now playing in cinemas. What was happening in the human mind 30,000 years ago, and how is that process different than today?

Edward O Wilson: CONSILIENCE: 1998

Edward O. Wilson, CONSILIENCE, The Unity of Knowledge,
Alfred Knopf, 1998.

PAGE 24-25 “In his 1941 classic Man on His Nature, the British neurobiologist Charles Sherrington spoke of the brain as an enchanted loom, perpetually weaving a picture of the external world, tearing down and reweaving, inventing other worlds, creating a miniature universe. The communal mind of literate societies–world culture–is an immensely larger loom. Through science it has gained the power to map external reality far beyond the reach of a single mind, and through the arts the means to construct narratives, images, and rhythms immeasurably more diverse than the products of any solitary genius. The loom is the same for both enterprises, for science and for the arts, and there is a general explanation of its origin and nature and thence of the human condition, proceeding from the deep history of genetic evolution to modern culture. Consilience of causal explanation is the means by which the single mind can travel most swiftly and surely from one part of the communal mind to the other.”

OBSERVATION: In any life, teachers and mentors provide opportunity for insight, perhaps even epiphany. Some teachers provide insight filled with wisdom and clarity of expression. These teachers provide us with a way to ponder ideas about life, helping us all to understand the complex world in which we live. Edward Wilson is recognized as one of the great thinkers of our time, and it is this authors belief that his insights need to become more widely known, and applied in the everyday lives of individuals around our planet. Wilson’s book, The Superorganism should be required reading in every school, for through these insights all might prosper ultimately creating a more enlightened and socially aware population.