Pondering the past, wondering about who we are as human beings, and attempting to decipher the code of human heritage are all components of the research found at human journey. We live in a time unprecedented in human history when, and where we are able to use science as a tool to refine our understanding of the past, unlocking the code of human evolution.

Werner Herzog, and his recent film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams points to an earlier time in human history, a time when humans had a capacity for art, long before most of us think of human beings as the artists we have become in the twenty first century.

Thank you to all who put these ideas into the ethers, and for all of the great educators who continue to propel our understanding of things.

best, dk

One thought on “THE HUMAN JOURNEY”

  1. Hi David♪ 

    How are you?
    It is the person of the painter with a Japanese rose.
    Thank you for advice!
    Valuable time, valuable advice!
    I thank you heartily!
    In addition, I am happy if I come to Japan if I can meet ♪
    I had a look at your work. . .
    There was a rabbit motif.
    Do you like a rose, too?
    A photograph is good with a rose [smile]
    Do you like Chinese tea?
    My English is poor.
    I’m sorry!

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