Message From Steve: Holstein Cow 2010

How the mind collates data is sometimes difficult to define. The mind constantly extracts information from past experience, recombining bits of data, ultimately transforming them in the creative process. The conscious mind acts upon these ideas in conjunction with bodily action bringing the concepts to life in various media.

Message from Steve can be read on many levels:  childhood, family, mother, the bringer of life, sustenance, bilateral symmetry, cloning, material, process, action, etc.

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Message From Steve

HEGEL’s Philosophy of Fine Art

“The universal need for expression in art (Bedurfniss zur Kunst) lies, therefore, in man’s rational impulse to exalt the inner and outer world into a spiritual consciousness for himself, as an object in which he recognizes his own self.”

page 96, Bosanquet, The Introduction to Hegel’s Philosophy of Fine Art, Paul Trench Trubner & Co., 1905.

Hegel’s, Aesthetic, in its complete form consists of 1600 pages.

Analytic of the Beautiful

Kant and Tolstoy both spent time writing about the definition of art. Tolstoy wrote, What is Art?, serving as his attempt to define the subject. Art is an evolving complex of ideas and expressions requiring study, lecture, dialogue, and creation. Art is not a single subject, but is a collection of diverse material requiring engagement of ideas, and absorption of the aesthetic encounter.

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